My Favourite Relaxing and Calming Scents

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

When we are not juggling multiply balls in the air, or multi tasking all at once, sometimes we just need permission to slow down and create a space to unwind and relax..... and it doesn't need to be complicated.

Lighting a candle, running a hot bath or curling up with a good book with a hot cup of tea are perfect examples of relaxing and re-energising.

The signature scents I use and love are all inspired by the seasons and nature: fresh flowers, beautiful blooms, botanicals, woods, the sea or aromatic spices with each of these elements going towards creating fresh uplifting or warm and cosy scents for your home. They also have secondary aromatherapy benefits due to the natural benefits of the oils that I use, where they can create a calming atmosphere, support mood lifting and promote relaxation.

Here are a few of my favourite relaxing and calming scents, which I find are perfect for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

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The best calming and relaxing candle scents


Bergamot is a Citrus fruit which requires a special climate and soil to grow and thrive mostly in the Mediterranean. Italians have used Bergamot for years to reduce tension and stress and to soothe and rejuvenate skin. Bergamot is unique among the Citrus oils due to its ability to be both mood uplifting and calming at the same time. I use Bergamot in our Bergamot & Amber ( Fireside) in both our candles and botanical fragrance spray as well as our popular Sea Salt & Wood candles and botanical fragrance sprays. Bergamot has the most beautiful fresh relaxing scent, blending well in both soy wax or pop a few drops of this in an essential oil into your Bath and wait for the benefits!


This is perhaps one of the most popular essential oils around and is used most commonly in Aromatherapy oils. The lavender plant is basically a herb with its botanical name Lavandula latifolia which derived from the Latin livere meaning 'blueish' It has the most calming effect and is awesome at reducing stress and anxiety it can also be used to help promote a restful sleep. Equally Lavender can be both uplifting and aid mood boasting something we use in our 'Fireside Lavender, Bergamot & Amber Candles and fragrance spray's, it is a fragrance which customers love for the calming and relaxing tones in it.

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Lavender candle scents are both calming and relaxing


Vetiver is a abundant perennial plant that can grow up to five feet in height and originates from India. Known as the oil of tranquillity in Sri Lanka and India, vetiver smells like earthen wood, reminiscent of the roots it comes from. Both complex and uplifting, Vetiver aroma help calm your mind so you can focus on the tasks that require the utmost attention. Perfect for relaxing, curling up with a long novel, or soaking in a bath. Vetiver oil fragrance creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere where distractions lose their way. We use vetiver in our Botanical Vetiver Candle with its delicate floral scent of rare orchid, spicy accent of anise and warmth of vetiver creating an unexpected modern story of botanicals.

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Botanical Vetiver soy candle both calming and relaxing

Best Calming Scents




Creating a calm and cosy atmosphere doesn't need to be a luxury or a treat, simply lighting a candle, dropping a few drops of essential oil in a hot bath or curling up with a good book can be a quick way to unwind. The small things are always the most important things when leading busy life's and juggling lots of balls and taking just 20 minutes a few times a week will give you the essential boost when needed most.

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The Best Calming Scents By Hazel & Blue Candles

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