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flower wax melt making candle workshop Wiltshire bath uk

FROM IDEA TO KIT – Soy wax melt making kit

by Becky Avery
flower wax melt making candle workshop Wiltshire bath uk

Creating a diy kit is like putting a bit of you and your small creative business out into the world. It’s a box of everything that you love and treasure about making and to be able to share that in a kit, is pretty special


Soy Wax Melts are a candle maker’s secret weapon. They are relatively easy to make, perfect for candle making beginners, they burn for a very long time, smell amazing and for the most part are cheaper for customers to buy than candles!


I love that you can hold one in your hand and smell it and it just feels good! They are super tactile and lovely to touch even without melting them.


I’ve always loved wax melts, they way that they look, their beautiful aromas, and how they melt so easily. I have melted many soy wax melts over the years but up until last year I had never made any.

woody bergamot soy scented wax melts
Bergamot & Lavender Soy Wax Melts

First Steps to create a new DIY Candle Making Kit

The first thing I needed to do was to learn how to make them myself before I even thought about creating the new kit.


A good chunk of time at the beginning of designing a kit was to learn and refine my wax melt making skills, testing and trialling. I wanted to create an eco-friendly sustainable melt, full of the 100% soy wax we use, beautiful essential oils and dried flowers. An eco friendly aromatherapy melt.


I trialled and tested several different essential oils, different soy waxes, and then finally adding in dried flowers. By the beginning of Spring, I was confident with the soy wax melts I was producing and after much time melting and testing them I proudly listed them on the website.


The response was amazing and the feedback from our customers was so positive!


Idea for the Kit


I wanted to create a new candle making kit that complimented the soy wax making kits, that was also for beginners and used all of the eco-friendly and sustainable ingrediants we us in our products.


When designing a new kit, you have to know your recipe inside and out. So much so that you could almost make them with your eyes closed and know the recipe at the tip of your tongue without even thinking. I knew with this kit that it would be a perfect candle making kit for beginners and so with that in mind, I started the process of creating one.


When I’m creating a kit, I make lots of notes, write the instructions and test and test and test. I’ll ask some Hazel & Blue customers testers to help me test it, to iron out any tweaks, adjust and re write. It’s a long and necessary process and worth the time it takes to get it right and as perfect as you can.

flower wax melt making candle workshop Wiltshire bath uk
Calm and Cosy make your own dried flower wax melt candle kit

Kit Supplies

To make wax melts you need a mould to make them in. In my experience wax melt moulds were very hard to come by and it took me such a long time to source. If you put ‘wax melt mould’ into a google search, the options are pretty scarce and limited. The different mould options were limited, there were plastic moulds available, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to make them in plastic moulds, it didn’t feel right. I also found some aluminium moulds but they were too big and only came in individual moulds which made the wax melt too big. I then stumbled across some soap moulds which were made of silicone and fell in love with the texture, the feel and the fact you can reuse and recycle them.

I spent months looking for a supplier, with no luck, I even thought about producing one just for the kit, but the price was too high, so I went back to square one. By chance I contacted the UK based company that I use for my moulds, and asked would they consider selling me some for the kits. I was so happy when they come back and said yes! They were the perfect sized moulds for wax melts, you could wash them and reuse them as many times as you wanted and you could make 15 in one go.

hazel and blue candles soy wax melt kits dried flowers workshops



Dried Flowers

 I love using dried flowers in soy wax melts, they give them an extra sensory scent and add a beautiful spot of colour, they also complement the essential oils blended inside them. I wanted to include them in the kit, a little pouch of dried flowers so you can sprinkle them on top after you have poured the wax. Each kit had a pouch of dried flowers included depending on the kit chosen. Lavender petals for the Mindful Moments kit, rose petals for the Calm & Cosy kit, lemon balm for the Revive & Uplift kit, calendula for the Happiness kit and jasmine flowers for the Home & Hygge kit.

Essential oils


I really wanted the soy wax melts to be as natural as possible, so using essential oils was the perfect choice. Essential oils can make a candle really stand out with the pure natural scent and medical additional benefits. 

soy wax melt diy making kit hazel and blue candles




I really wanted to create a brand new box for the soy wax melts kit and knew instantly that the lovely and talented Joanne from Arnold and Bird was the person to help me design it. We also designed new labels, a new information booklet and more! I love that the new kit box has positive quotes on it, making it extra special.

Once the instructions and artwork were finalised and then printed, my amazing photographer Georgia De Lotz took new pics of them. Georgia has this amazing way of capturing the kits and concept into pieces of art and bring them alive!

soy wax melt making diy kit hazel and blue candles
Soy Wax Melt Making Kit


My love of making things beautifully scented brings me so much joy. I really wanted these new kits to give you a moment of making memories, learning a new craft and then sitting back and enjoying your creations.


Soy Wax Melts are little treasures of scent and when made with beautiful sustainable eco-friendly ingredients are truly a beautiful creation. I hope you enjoy these new kits and they give you moments of joy and relaxation!


Since we launched our soy wax melt kits nearly two years ago, they have been so well received with amazing customer feedback, thank you! I have really enjoyed creating the wax melt kits for beginners, sharing my passion, the eco-friendly ingredients and the memories of making is a joy just in itself.

Happy making!


Becky x

Our range of Make your own DIY soy wax melts kits are available here 

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