Making Soy Candles - A Creative Workshop

I was delighted to host my first Creative Soy Candle Workshop last weekend to a lovely group of people at the Court Street Gallery in Wiltshire.

It was a beautiful sunny morning when I arrived at the gorgeous workshop venue and I was welcomed by one of the lovely owners who was in the midst of teaching a glass making class. I was immediately struck by the work of local artists displayed on the wall, in stylish cabinets and white bookshelves, there were dark wooden tables and modern white washed walls and a comfy sofa and armchairs in the far corner.

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Soy Candle Making workshops at Court Street Gallery

After setting up the workshop, the guests arrived and we began with tea and introductions and a general discussion on our mutual love for candles (!) before launching into the workshop with discussing the different eco friendly ingredients which go into making a candle.

We discussed the benefits of Soy wax, the equipment you need to make candles and the techniques to use. We discovered each others signature scent through the discovery of the fragrance wheel and spoke about how scent can evoke memories and make us feel certain ways.

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All set up and ready to go!

After discovering each others personal scent, each guest choose their favourite fragrance oil to use in their candle and the techniques taught to gently blend the wax and the oils before pouring them into their amber glass container.

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Candle making kit

The guests learnt how to pour the wax, the different temperatures and timings needed to ensure a successful candle. The hand poured soy candles were transferred to a cooler area to set before they could be taken away at the end of the workshop. We discussed labelling the candle and then the fun part of decorating it began, using stamps, pens, stickers and different labels.

Hazel and Blue candles, candle workhops, making your own candle, soy candles
Learning how to pour the candles

As the creative side of the guests were unleashed, cups of tea, coffee and red velvet cake and cookies were eaten as we discussed all things to do with candles on the tables.

Once the candles were set, each of the workshop guests were given a Hazel & Blue Kraft gift bag to put them in to either keep for themselves of give to a loved one. I loved seeing the finished products and the different creative labelling on each of the candles. I really enjoyed interacting and teaching my candle workshop with like minded people and seeing there smiles and happy faces. I was overwhelmed and delighted to receive two lovely reviews the following day from two of the guests that attended the workshops.

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A workshop attendees finished soy candle

I loved seeing the finished candles and the different creative labelling on each one, but most of all the smiles and happy faces on the guests faces! I was overwhelmed and delighted to receive two lovely reviews the following day from two of the customers that were at the workshops which was so lovely to receive.

Making candles is an art and takes a long time to perfect but once you understand the basics it can be a wonderful hobby to learn and enjoy for many years to come.

My Soy Candle Making workshops and are all based on Seasons, the next ones are Summer, Autumn and Winter themed, if you interested in attending and would like some more information and dates please see here for further details.

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