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I love getting asked questions by the general public, whether they are people passing by, regular customers or just general enquiries, it allows me to connect with people and gives me a 'free pass' to talk about my candles and the ethos behind them. Which is pretty cool!

Having your own creative small business brings out a passion in a way I have never experienced before, I like to think it is because you truly know the value and the quality of your product so well, and so it it expressed in a really positive enthusiastic way. You have lovingly hand crafted all your products and unlike anyone else know the true value of them.

I saw on Google that Richard Branson describes it really well as being 'When you believe in something, the force of your convictions will spark other peoples interest and motivate them to help you achieve your goals' i.e loving your products as much as you do!

So I get asked quite a lot of questions when I am meeting the public and just for you here are the answers to a few of the ones I am asked most often....

What is your favourite scent?

This is the question which can be two-pronged and can have some implications if I say I have a favourite, I could rightly or wrongly influence the decision making, which I don't want to do and so I try very hard to be neutral!

Each one of my 6 fragrances are all special to me and although I might have a favourite at a different time, this does vary. I could favour English Pear and Wild Vanilla in the Summer and Spring it could a Raspberry and Black Peppercorn, when I am cooking it is definitely Lime Basil and Mandarin because it de-odourises and smells fresh and clean. Different scents are used to suit your shifting moods and this can also depend on the season.

Spicy and woody scents are more popular in the Autumn and Winter they evoke memories of cosy corners and warm fireplaces. Our spicy orange cinnamon and clove scent is so popular at Christmas time and I have customers say 'It smells like Christmas!'

Choosing a fragrance is personal.

Everyone will be drawn to a certain fragrance which for reasons that evoke memories, love and a self confidence boost. They are grouped into fragrance families





Although you will probably tend to lean to one or the other above, I actually love them all at different times and also depending on what mood I am in. If I am feeling cosy and relaxed I tend to choose to light a woody fragrance and if I feeling 'summery' and light I may light a fresh scent. Alternatively if I am feeling particularly greedy (and because I have a few 'second' candles in my house) I may choose to light any one of the above! I know the perks of my job! There is so much more to say on fragrances and if you want to explore more I will be going into a bit more depth with scent testing at the Beginner Soy Wax Candle workshops this year!

Where do you make your candles?

I make all the candles in my kitchen studio at home. When making candles you have to ensure the room is warm. Room temperature plays an important factor when making candles, in order for the wax to set properly and not to pool or stick to the glass. When making the candles, I like to listen to music ( my current favourite back catalogue of Madonna's early hits ) or listen podcasts and I can make candles for quite a few hours in my trusted black apron! I must admit my house smells amazing after a candle making session another perk of the job!

Where does the name 'Hazel & Blue' come from?

This is my favourite question! I love this question because I love the answer...the answer is that is comes from my two Children and my Husband. My eldest Son has Hazel eyes and my Daughter has Blue and Mr H&B has Blue (I have Hazel). I can only do this because of them, so in a every way they are with me and at the heart of this small business! (I'll get them working in it soon enough!)

It also reminds me of natures beautiful colours - HAZEL is life giving, healing and natural and describes warmth - BLUE is a colour in between green and violet, as of the sky or the sea on a sunny day and describes peace. It fits really well into our ethos too

Finding beauty in the simple things.




I hope I have been able to answer some of your questions, I would love to answer any more questions that you might have.

You can ask me anything candle related, creative small business related and I will endeavor to answer it for you.

You can leave a comment below or send me a message at or alternatively pop a DM over to me on my social media accounts Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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