Buying an DIY soy candle making kit? - Five essential things to consider

Updated: Aug 15

Making your own DIY soy candles is pretty amazing, they are surprisingly easy to make and once they set you get to enjoy them for months to come! Alright you DO need a good quality candle making kit, a fab recipe to follow and the best ingredients, but once you have all of those, you will be able to spend a lovely afternoon making and pouring.

When I first started making candles in 2016, I was a complete novice. There were no eco friendly candle making kits on the market and you had to spend a lot of time researching different platforms to find what you were looking for! My first candle making kit was brought from a large e-commerce platform and they were made in the microwave! The ingredients were a bit suspect too and the wax was definitely not natural. But nevertheless I did make a candle!

There is no question that I absolutely love making candles, from the moment I stirred the wax and added the fragrance to my first DIY candle, I was hooked. I loved the calming and meditative aspects of making, doing something just for me and I particularly enjoyed lighting the candle and relaxing afterwards.

So true, but what you put into a candle is what you get out! We only ever use natural ingredients in our candle making kits and love all the positive aspects of using these amazing eco friendly ingredients. But not all kits have these aspects, so I've compiled a list of five things to consider when you are buying a DIY soy candle making kit.

  1. It's relatively easy

  2. Find a good eco friendly making kit

  3. Research the background

  4. Recycle, reuse and plastic free

  5. Encourages happiness and well-being

It's Relatively Easy

It is relatively easy. Truly. I say to all of my candle making workshop attendees if you can make a cake following a recipe you can make a candle. The key is to have a foolproof recipe or instruction card, the best ingredients and the right kit.

Find a good eco friendly soy candle making kit

There are quite a few soy candle making kits in the market now. Following Covid last year we saw a huge increase in people making their own candles and candle making kits. When researching good candle making kits, look for kits which have natural ingredients, including a description of the wax inside the kit, is it natural soy wax? Are the wicks natural and not coated in paraffin, are the candle oils are vegan friendly? All of these aspects make the very best candles.

Research the background of the company

When I first came up with the idea of creating a soy candle making kit, there weren't that many available on the market, actually only one. The candle making kits that were available did not appear to be eco friendly and they did not seem to include natural ingredients which we love to use! I wanted to create a kit so everyone could use the eco friendly ingredients we use in our candles without spending hours of researching and finding all the different ingredients.

Look at the credentials of the business and/or candle maker, have they been making candles for a long time? Have they hosted face to face candle making workshops? I was hosting regular soy candle making workshops and had taught hundreds of people how to make their own and I cannot wait to start these face to face soon. I researched and knew that my background as a candle maker and candle maker teacher would support our kits with all my experience and knowledge.