Some of our favourite small business collaborations

Updated: Aug 22

Working with other creative product based businesses is a pleasure and an honour. Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something, whether it is a new product, a podcast, an article or an event. The collaborative outcomes can be unique, bespoke and a one-of-a-kind product.

Collaborating with other brands and creatives is a perfect way to share your own knowledge, as well as learning new skills and develop new working relationships. It can create a win-win situation by sharing your products within each others' audiences and sharing the creative processes together.

These are many reasons to team up with other product based businesses. An illustrator can complement a person who makes enamel pins, or make a new design for an embroidery hoop. I love seeing sweatshirts, mugs, and prints with bold and eye catching designs, that perhaps you just wouldn't see anywhere else.

Some brilliant reasons to collaborate as a small business

  • Learn new skills

  • Create unique beautiful products/events/things together

  • Develop new working and personal relationships

  • Expand your customer base

  • Boost awareness

I also love seeing other brand and creative small business collaborations. For example, Sketchy Muma, an illustrator from Cornwall, recently teamed up with Bumble and Goose to make the most delicious looking biscuits with her poignant illustrations 'Sketchy Muma Virtual Hug Brownies and Biscuits Friendship Hug' . I really love the 'Get the kettle on' biscuit drawing.

I also love Imogen at Roundabout ceramics work - she recently teamed up with Shrimp's House to make a two toned lime and cobalt mug. The colours are amazing and I would love to drink from it all day long!!

We have recently started working with some amazing creatives; here are a few of those below:

Badger & Birch X Hazel & Blue - Terrazo Soy Candle/Candle Making Kit

Working with Hazel from Badger & Birch is a dream. She is probably the most hard-working woman I know with a beautiful heart and the most amazing hand made terrazzo products. Hazel and I have worked together previously in the past, I have made her some soy candles and soy tea lights, so it felt natural to team up together to create something special.

I knew that having one of Hazel's Eco resin Terrazzo candle container filled with our blended soy wax would make a beautiful vegan friendly candle! Combining her handmade terrazzo with recycled oyster shells containers with our soy candle wax and vegan friendly candle oils was the perfect match!

Our crafty customers also asked for some new bespoke vessels to make new soy candles in, so we have recently created an exclusive Badger & Birch Eco Resin Terrazo candle making kit.

Whether you prefer your soy candle ready made or the options to make one yourself, both options should be perfect for you!

The new blends for our collaboration were inspired by Hazel's hometown of Cornwall and the sea. Its a beautiful sea inspired scent of Sea Salt & Wood for the terrazzo candle and Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli for the candle making kit.

With the candle making kit, everything is included to make your own terrazzo soy candle, including the soy wax, cotton and linen wick, vegan friendly oils as well as an optional thermometer - Badger & Birch .

Gemma Wightman X Hazel & Blue Collaboration - Couples Soy Candle Making Kit

Gemma Wightman is a fellow Not on the High Street partner and we bonded over shared expe