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Refill Eco Soy Candle Making Kit


The refill eco soy making kits are perfect if you would like to continue to make more soy candles. Our refill kits have been carefully curated for you to continue to make your gorgeous smelling 100% natural soy candles in your home. If you would like a specific candle scent from our range, please let us know at the checkout.

An essential candle-making tool, make sure to add this if you don't have one already.

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Burn the candle for up to 2 hours for the first burn. Always trim the wick 4mm before each use. We recommend the maximum burn time on your candle to be 3-4 hours. Keep your candle away from children and draughts, and always burn on a level surface.

We use responsible eco friendly forestry certified FSC packaging, recyclable glass, wax lined paper and all natural ingredients.

Deliveries are free for all UK orders over £40. Deliveries overseas are subject to duties and taxes at the point of import. Sadly, we can’t do anything about these fees, and as a customer you take responsibility for paying them.

Items must be returned in the same condition as they are sent out. Candles cannot be lit and then returned.

In the kit

The Refill Eco Soy Candle Making Kit includes

  • 100% natural soy wax
  • Essential or Fragrance Candle Oil
  • 2 cotton and linen wicks
  • 2 personalised labels
  • 2 wick stabilisers


More about the Refill Eco Soy Candle Making Kit

We love to recycle and reuse our products, supporting the environment and sustainability, especially when it comes to making candles! Our refill kits are perfect if you would like to make more of your own soy candles. We have carefully curated a eco friendly refill kit for you to continue to make your gorgous smelling soy candles in your home.

Keep your candles and we will you send you everything you need to make two more soy scented wax candles!

How does it work?

We will send you your own refill kit with enough ingrediants to make two more soy scented candles. As you already have the instructions and original candle jars, you will be able to use these from the original kit to start creating! Choose which essential or fragrance oil you would like to try and we will send you a refill kit as soon as we can, so you can continue your candle making fun.

Approx Burn Time

50 hours +

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100% Recyclable containers, tell us how you use yours.

Ethically sourced

Carefully sourced materials from well managed, transparent suppliers


100% plastic free, recyclable packaging for minimal impact


No Hazel & Blue candles or products contain any animal products

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