My Favourite Scented Spring Flowers

Updated: May 6, 2019

Who doesn't love Flowers? Claude Monet wrote 'I must have Flowers, always and always' and so do I, so we have much in common, just like a lot us!

As a Candle Maker the process of designing and creating new fragrances each season means I am always on the look out for new seasonal and nature inspired scents all year around and this is especially true in the Spring Season.

After a long Winter the anticipation of the new Season blooms are long awaited and I am always eager to see and smell their beautiful fresh aroma again.

Here are three of my favourite Spring Flowers, to provide inspiration for new Season floral fragrances, to display in your home, to use in your social media photography and most importantly to bring you a whole heap of joy!

Spring flowers, scented flowers in Spring, Candle maker, Bluebells, peony, peonies, scented stocks, stock flowers
Three Spring Flowers I have used and loved this Spring


The quintessential Bluebell signifies the Spring Season in Britain, and if you are luckily enough to have a bluebell woods or field near you there is nothing more beautiful and magical to see. The Bluebell flower is mildly scented with their the beauty laying in their quirky bell shape petals and the gorgeousness of their lilac colour. More than half the world's bluebells are found in the UK and the two most commonly found are the delicate English bluebell and the abundant Spanish bluebell. In the language of flowers, the bluebell symbolises humility, consistency and gratitude, a lovely description for a woodland Spring flower.

I have used bluebells this Spring for their simple wild and quaint beauty, small and compact these wood flowers are perfect to pop into a vase or a glass milk bottle placed on a windowsill or shelf.

Spring flowers, Bluebell, Bluebells,flowers
The Quintessential Bluebell

Bluebells, Bluebell, Spring flowers, wildflowers, bluebell woods
Bluebells look beautiful in a vase, or a glass bottle sitting neatly on a windowsill

Scented Stocks

The stunning scent of the Stock flower cannot be more abundant than in the Spring Season. Commonly known as Stocks, Gilly flower or Virginia Stock these beautiful flowers have the most lush soft petals and a sweet floral spicy heady fragrance. In the language of flowers they symbolise a happy Life and contented existence, and are native to Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Spring Flowers, Scented stocks, Stock flowers,
The Sweet Scent of Scented Stocks are abundant in April and May

Scented stocks, Gillyflower, Stocks, Spring Flowers, Spring Candles,Soy wax Candles
Sceented Stocks also known as Gillyflowers are beautiful when infused in a Candle

I loved using scented stocks in many of my product photos not only for their soft pink and white pastel colours but also for their soft lush petals. They last a long time in a tall vase if watered regularly and trimmed at the base and look beautiful displayed on a table. The petals also can be used for taking photography photos as the full and fluffy.


With a 70% rise in sales last year according to the Co-operative Group, the Peony has overtaken the carnation as the Nations favourite Spring/Summertime Bloom.

It is no surprise then that I have used and loved the Peony this Spring. It has to be one of the most beautiful flowers available this Season with their lush, full, rounded blooms, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage. It has also been widely predicted that Prince Harry and Megan Markle may opt for white roses and peonies for their royal wedding this month which will be a perfect choose for a May Wedding with their dramatic, romantic arrangement.

Peony, Peonies, Spring flowers, scented flowers
The Peony has to be one of the most beautiful flowers availabe in the Spring

I love using Peonies in my business photography, on display in my home and soon will be available in a new Peony Candle fragrance I am creating at the moment (more to come in a upcoming post) The Peonies beauty is matched by its perfume with its most heady sweet rose like or citrus scent fragrance which can catch your attention across the border or in a room.

I loved each of these three flowers. Each one was a joy to work with, to use and to admire, but most of to inspire the beautiful scents they have. I would recommend all of them this Spring Season.

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