My word of 2019 - Connection

It was while walking in the woods recently that I found my word of the year - Connection (more on this later). I have been reading Bene Brown's Daring Greatly recently and I found myself instantly drawn to her words and wisdom and the word connecting.

Because this is something that has been bugging me for a long time, whispering in my ear, nudging my thoughts and making me feel a bit uncomfortable and inadequate. Connecting.

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I've been looking into the benefits of having a word of the year appose to setting goals which can be more short term rather than having longevity. I see it as a way of guiding you through the year, making you accountable, the way writer Nicole M Gullota puts it, is 'choosing a word of the year doesn't negate your specific hopes and dreams. Instead, it supports them by allowing yourself space to grow, change, and make adjustments along the way'. Writer, photography and blogger Jessica Rose Williams describes it in her recent Word of 2019 Acceptance post as a 'basket of breadcrumbs to use as a guide or a follow throughout the year' which is such a great way to describe it. Rather than setting goals which can make you feel a bit inadequate if you don't achieve them (we've all being there) or some type of tick box exercise, a word of the year can be something much more tangible and achievable.

A word of the year can be something that focuses you on several different elements which you can do over a year at different occasions. I see it as a guide, a role model even, where it can be your biggest supporter and constant companion as you navigate through the highs and lows for the year ahead.

Strangely when I started to think about my word, it almost came to me instantly like it was always there, and was waiting for me to invite it to come out. So I stuck to it and started to mull it over and it pull it apart and the more I did that the more it fitted.

Really well.

My word for 2019 is Connection

I've always had a slight thing about connecting. Finding it uncomfortable to connect to some things and others (including myself) I tend to connect to things that are controllable and easy, instead of letting go and taking new opportunities which can bring much more richness to its core. Don't get me wrong I love to connect especially with my business, with people around me and it makes me feel so happy, but I could connect more fully and in more depth.

Before I connect with anything new, I tend to think about how I would feel or what if the person doesn't like me, or I don't like them or it might be to much effort, or the rewards aren't big enough or I don't have the time. What I am trying to explain is the fair of rejection and been vulnerable. The failure of not be wanted is strong, and big but I am learning to embrace it as I get older and as start to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

I know that this is, what it is, but I also know that been able to connect on a higher level, is not only good for you, but it can potentially bring you so much more to your life, and that without trying you will never know the richness that it can bring.

Connecting was something I haven't nurtured as much as I could have, over the last year. Working constantly between my day job and my creative business left me little time to reach out and connect.


Yes, I could connect with customers at a market, or meet a friend for coffee or comment on a post no problem, its the deeper connection I would like to create next year. The follow on, the opportunity to connect fully afterwards.

Connection is to fully engage with things, with people and with life wholeheartedly. To welcome new opportunities to connect. Previous in the year I was noticing that I was saying no to new opportunities, no to growing as a individual and as a business owner, I was generally disconnected with myself. On reflection this was partly due to working in my day job too much and not focusing on the business as I really wanted too.

I have slowly started to change this, with small steps and started to see and understand the strength in connecting. This last year I have seen so much growth in my business, the launch of my website, developing new products, launching my sell out candle making workshops, investing in self development with coach Katye Ferris, getting into wholesale/retail, and finally identifying what it is I really what to do and what I want to be. The business is connecting and I now want to be fully connected to it, to myself, and to the people around me all in one.

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Here is what Connection means to me:

Connection means to fully enage with things, with people and with life wholeheartedly. To welcome new opportunities to connect.

Connection to myself

Connection to the people around me

Connection to new people

Connection to new opportunities

Connection to the present

This year I will embrace new connections, not only in my business, but in my daily moments, with the people around me, I will not be afraid of rejection because rejection is not about me is it about other people. I will dare to be vulnerable this year, because with vulnerability comes much magic and true courage.

Brene Brown wrote in her book 'Daring greatly' 'that by having the courage to show up and been seen when we have no control over the outcome, is not a weakness, its our greatest measure of courage'

I am looking forward to embracing the concept of connecting next year, as next year marks a huge change for Hazel & Blue, an opportunity to really grow the business and connect with myself and others. This amazing business has enabled me to live the life I have always wanted and I really couldn't have done it without the people around me.

When I was researching my word of the year I found these pieces really helpful and useful to understand it a bit better:

- Jessica Rose Williams My Word of 2019 - Acceptance

- Susanna Conway Unravel Your Year

- Nicole M Gulotta The Benefits of Choosing a Word for the year - Instead of goal setting

Are you thinking of having a word of the year for 2019? I would love to know what you have chosen.

Wishing you a year filled with new chances, discovering your dreams, and year full of things that have never been before. Happy 2019! xx

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