Why I Use Lavender In My Candles

As a scent explorer and a candle maker I use nature and seasons as my inspiration for all the different scents that I use in my candles and home fragrances, not only because they are natural products but they are (as far as I am concerned) the best scents.

I find my inspiration comes all year round: new seasonal flowers in Spring, long sandy blue beaches in the Summer, freshly cut wood in the Autumn, or spicy oranges and eucalyptus in the Winter I love them all.

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Why I use Lavender in my Candles

There are several reasons why lavender is a great natural ingredient to use to relax and unwind and I have listed my favourite ones below:

1. Calming

Lavender is calming, soothing and relaxing. I could finish there but if you type 'The benefits of lavender' into Google you will be inundated with pages and pages of different articles on all the amazing natural benefits it has. The calming effect is one of my favourite and love that within seconds you can instantly smell the addictive aroma it has. If candles are you thang alternatively you could use Lavender essential oil, and rub a few drops on your feet, temples or wrist for an immediate calming effect, or even pop a few drops into your bath water for a instant effect.

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Calming, relaxing and great for unwinding...the magic of Lavender

2. Helps you sleep

Another favourite is to use Lavender to help you unwind and sleep. Lavender can help you relax and unwind and get a goodnights sleep. I make a Lavender based Botanical Mist spray, and can be used to help you sleep, the spray is fine enough to spray on your bedding, clothes and surrounds and has a lovely lavender and amber scent, to help you go to sleep.

3. Good for your Skin

There are some amazing lavender remedies for helping dry skin for example lavender moisturisers mixed with shea or coconut are perfect for applying to your skin, Lavender is also used to help eczema, burns and insect bites and can be used to relieve dry itchy scalp and dandruff.

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Lavender Candles

4. Lavender Candles

The beauty of using Lavender oils in a candle is that is not only smells pretty good, but it is also a great natural way to help you unwind, relax and feel calm. Lavender candles are perfect in any space particularly one in which you want to relax, like a living room, bedroom or bathroom, it is also a natural fragrance that can be used all year around.

I like to rub a bit of the cooled candle wax onto my skin especially if it needs soothing ( only suited for soy based candles) which feels great and makes your skin glow afterwards.


Helps you sleep

Good for your skin


I would highly recommend a lavender 'hit' any time of the year, but particularly if you need a bit of relaxation or unwinding.

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