How Being Creative Gave Me a Sense of Purpose

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

When I first starting making candles a few years ago, I never really thought about the creativity side of doing it, I just made them, because I enjoyed making things. It has taken a few years to realise that being creative gives me a sense of purpose in my life. I have been lucky that through my creativity, I have been able to turn my creations into a full time business and for that I am truly grateful.

I always thought that being a artistic person was different from being creative. I thought that you had to produce an intellectual abstract masterpiece to qualify. How wrong I was. I read recently that all humans are naturally creative and have some type of skill that is best and unique to them, and that the greatest struggle we have, is to identify what that skill is, and how we will use it.

I have always had a pull towards creating things in a 'at home hobby' way, and used this desire to fulfil periods of my life when I needed a sense of fulfilment and passion.

The Oxford Dictionary defines creativity as 'the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness' which can be interpreted and achieved in many different ways. It can be through planning a social event, a re-take on a favourite recipe, developing a new process in business and so on. We use our imagination all the time but the difference between being imaginative and being creative is the action you take with your ideas.

There is also a difference between purposeless creativity 'I will make this scarf following a pattern‘ and purposeful creativity 'I will make this scarf using this pattern as a guideline, but I may use a different stitch or colour pattern to do it' I love them both as I like following a process/recipe/technique and once I have mastered it, I will start to experiment and use my imagination to repurpose it to something new and this is the most exciting part!

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Here are a few things that I have achieved through my own creativity and hopefully encourage you to be more creative in your life.

1. Freedom

Creativity gives you an opportunity to take risks, by stripping away any inhabitations we may or may not have built up over the years, you can let your imagination go wild. Because when you create, there is no wrong or right way to do it, you can do it any way you like and that's the best part of being creative. There are no rules.

2. Personal Growth

Creativity in itself allows for self discovery, because when you create something, you are growing. The more you create, the more you learn about yourself, and the more you learn, the more you grow. It’s a self prophesying circle of self discovery and one which I have fully embraced and didn’t realise I would have until I started growing my own creative business.

3. Self Confidence

When you are creating something you have never created before, it really does give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. I would find that after spending hours making and creating something new, I would stare at it for days thinking 'wow I have made that’. It’s a pretty satisfying feeling and made me feel good about myself.

4. Spending time with loved ones

Doing something creative is a great opportunity to share it with others. I have always loved doing things with my own daughter and love hosting workshops with family members and friends. Learning and sharing a new experience together is a great joy to do and see.

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Doing something creative doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. Writing in a journal, baking a cake, growing new plants are all quick and financially accessible things to do. Recent studies explain the many health and psychological benefits that having a creative outlet can bring; they can enable people to live healther and happier lives. Social prescribing for people with social isolation, loneliness and mental health issues is on the rise, GP's can now prescribe an art club or a writing workshop instead of anti-depressants and for me this has enormous benefits and are such an innovative way forward.

There are so many benefits to being creative, and it has given me a sense of purpose in the world, one which I never thought would happen. I continue to explore my own creativity all the time and now that my creative hobby has become my main job, I am currently looking for a new one. Any suggestions you have are welcome!

Becky x

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