Candle Making - 3 Things you need to know when making your own Soy Candles

Updated: May 6, 2019

This is the time of year to get cosy indoors, the nights are long and the days are shorter and candles come into a life of their own. Lighting a few candles, enjoying a hot cup of tea whilst relaxing into the day or evening is never more inviting than in the Autumn and Winter Season.

Candles can bring an ambience, a presence, a state of mind and a feeling of relaxation and calmness into any room. Whilst been portable you can move them from room to room, they are natural and sustainable soy candles can be exquisitely scented and make the perfect gift for yourself or for loved ones. I must point out as this stage that I am a Candle maker so you could argue that I am perfectly placed to advocate for them, but I am also pretty bias!

I started making Soy Candles 2 years ago whilst looking for a new craft to make with my Daughter, and I fell in love with making them from the moment I melted the wax to creating the candle label. I am self taught, putting in a ton of practice, testing and time to perfect the perfect soy scented candle, to the point where I can now make candles with my eyes shut ( not literally) and with no written recipe at all. But I started simply and easily and the rest just came with time and experience.

I have been lucky enough to teach candle making workshops for beginners over the last year and during the workshop I love to share all of my top candle making tips with the attendees during the workshops alongside my DIY Soy Candle Making Kit, here are my top 3 tips if you are thinking about making your own candles in your own home.

1. It's pretty easy

I am not going to lie, making candles can be pretty easy, you don't need to research too much, or buy a candle-making manual or book to start it you can find a YouTube clip this is mine, look for a candle making post on Pinterest and just follow your nose. There are all types of candle making lists and techniques you can follow and they are all slightly different, but trust me if you can follow a recipe, then you can follow a candle recipe and you can make your own soy candles effectively and efficiently.

When I first starting making candles, I actually made them in the microwave, I brought a beginner candle making kit from eBay which had all the ingredients you will need in it and a recipe to follow, the only fault I would say is that the wax in these kits is paraffin wax and therefore not very good for the environment or your home. My simple natural soy making kits are full of natural ingredients and are all eco friendly

2. Candle Making Kit

When I first starting making my own soy candles, I made them in the microwave and used baking tools from my kitchen. (Although I did invest in a thermometer as I didn't want to used our used one!)

You do not need to buy too much kit when you first start. Honestly not much at all. Depending on whether you want to make them in the microwave or in a double boiler you will need a microwave jug, a thermometer, a stirrer, a few wicks, some fragrance or essential oils and a candle container and that is it. The majority of the kit can be brought easily and quickly and they can be all made in the kitchen of your home. TOP TIP: Avoid putting candle wax down your sink - disastrous trust me I managed to block our kitchen sink when I first started and it didn't go down to well!

3. Candle Containers

There are so many types of different candle containers you can use for making candles when you are a beginner and starting out. When I first started I used an old glass tumbler and a used candle vessel which was perfect as a beginner. Alternatively you can buy some second-hand glasses or those ceramic teacups you find in Charity shops or even purchase some new ones in a larger homeware store. If you are reusing your candle containers, give them a good wash in the sink or dishwasher making all the residual wax is gone and they are good to go.

TOP TIP: To get rid of any residual wax, boil you kettle and pour in boiling water, leave for a few hours and the old wax will rise to the top of the glass and harden. You can then remove the wax and wash in hot soapy water.

Making candles at home is both rewarding and relaxing and when you are first learning just have fun and enjoy it! Starting a new hobby or trying something for the first time is not without its ups and down but my advice is just give it a go!

Making candles at home can be relatively easy and not expensive and the rewards are big, your candle can last for ages and is a gift that continues to keep on giving for hours and hours.....

Becky Avery is a Candle maker and Creative business owner of Hazel & Blue Candles, based just outside the historic City of Bath in Wiltshire. Becky runs candle making workshops in Bath, Wiltshire and Somerset and creates all of her nature inspired soy scented soy candles and eco friendly home fragrance products in her garden studio, inspired by seasons and nature all of Becky's products are sustainable and eco friendly.

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