5 Reasons Why Candles Are Great In The Summer!

With the Summer months upon us we all want to make Summer 21 a great one! Transport yourself to the blue sandy beaches abroad through the power of candle scent this year!

A Summer candle is the perfect summer accessory to have, to help you reminisce of long afternoons by the pool and evenings at your favourite outdoor restaurants and tropical beaches.

In addition Summer Candles are perfect for outdoor entertaining, hiding the aromas from BBQs smells and giving a lovely glow and ambience to your surroundings in the Summer evenings.

Here are the five reasons why candles are great in the Summer!

1. Bring your favourite beach holiday scent to you!

Scent can instantly take you to a place, a moment, a memory and this Summer with a lots of us staycationing, a summer candle scent can take you straight to your favourite summer holidays! The tropical scents of coconut, vanilla, rum and mint all rolled into one are hypnotic and remind you of sunny relaxing days by the pool! Do you love coconut and vanilla scent? Our White Sands Escape Summer candle was inspired by tropical white sandy blue beaches and smells amazing!! The perfect summer tropical holiday candle!

2. Outdoor entertaining

With outdoor socialising back on the table, the scent of a summer candle would be a perfect accompaniment for your space and leave a long lasting scent for your guests. A few summer scented tea lights, a wax melt burning in the background or a large candle as a centrepiece on your outdoor table are a great way to create a summer vibe!

3. BBQs and socialising

Summer Candles can easily help mask cooking scents and BBQs aromas with their scents. Try a citrus or herb scented candle they are the perfect accompany to the garden and indoors, the scent is citrus and clean and summery! Our Citronella summer soy candle is beautiful, handmade by ceramicist Imogen from Roundabout Ceramics

4. Ambience

The glow of a summer candle is pretty hypnotic on a summer evening. Relax and unwind with a floral scented candle or a evening Citronella candle is a perfect way to enjoy a relaxing scented Summer evening!