My Favourite Citrus Scents - By A Candle Maker

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

The best Citrus scents are not limited to just one season, they can be used all year around boosting any home or perfume with their fresh zesty scent.

I love citrus scents, they are both beautifully fresh and re-energising and have the most wonderful holistic qualities which can aid mood lifting, make you feel better as well as refreshing your home décor and your mind!

I've put together a list of my favourite citrus scents which are not limited to home fragrances, they are equally radiant in perfumes. These are the citrus scents I've enjoyed and loved using over the last few years. I think that you'll enjoy them too.


Grapefruit oil scent is extracted from the outer skin of the grapefruit, its essential oil is brilliant in boosting energy, helps you focus and stay alert, improves blood circulation and is high in antioxidants to prevent signs of ageing (This is always a bit of benefit!) It has a crisp and aromatic fragrance with a sharp zesty scent which is bitter but re-awakening, I like to blend it with a floral oil which creates a beautiful sweet citrus scent.

Grapefruit Citrus Scents - By A Candle Maker

Sweet Mandarin

The mandarin orange is the sweetest of all the citrus fruits, it is mild, sweet and calming. It is native to Asia and in the Chinese new year it is an important symbol representing abundance and happiness. Mandarin oil has many benefits including natural anti-aging properties in the form of antioxidants and vitamin C, easing pain through calming the nerves to promote healing. I like to blend mandarin with bergamot, basil and lavender giving a refreshing, crisp uplifting scent.

Sweet Mandarin Scented Candle


Orange oil is extracted form the fruit peel of sweet oranges, both sweet and citrusy at the same time this is a beautiful lingering fresh scent and one which I cannot get enough of! A quick sniff of this oil can instantly make you feel alert and relaxed and is often used in aromatherapy to aid depression and low moods.

Orange oil extract is also used to maintain healthy smooth and glamourous looking skin (not bad for this multi taking scent!)

I use orange oil in both the soy candles and botanical fragrance sprays I make, when mixed with a heady floral like jasmine or honeysuckle the resulting aroma is stunning.

Enjoyed any of these citrus scents already? What about you, do you have any citrus recommendations, candle fragrances or perfumes for me? Leave them in the comments below.

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My favourite Citrus Scents - By A Candle Maker

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