Living Seasonally this Summer

I always try and live more outdoors in the summer, not only because the days are longer but the sunnier climate pulls me outside and into nature. Summer is a season for me which enables us to put our 'tools' down, embrace the outdoors, and spend more time with my children and family as much as possible. Everything seems to slow down and somehow be quieter, the roads are quieter (not the motorways) the neighbours seem to disappear and the sun, sea and countryside are beckoning.

I also like to spend time preparing for the Autumn/Winter season, by clearing my studio, re stocking supplies and generally organising my business. So spending time outside is a perfect excuse to spend time unwinding with nature and precious time with my family.

So what are a few simple seasonal things we can do in our lives to embrace and enjoy the summer season outdoors. Here are a few of my easy seasonal living tips you can this Summer.....

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Seasonal living tips to do this Summer

Visit a watering hole

Who doesn't love the water in the Summer? Especially in the hotter months when temperatures can rise and it is hot and humid. There is something about a day at a beach or an outdoor swimming pool where you can un wind and relax, feel the refreshing water on your skin and sit reading a book or drying in the sun nearby. I find water to be calming and relaxing and the mesmerising sound of the waves or the trickle of the stream very hypnotising and cathartic.

It is also a great day for the family or with friends. Pack the children up and spend a day at a watering hole, they will love it and you will enjoy spending time with them 'off line' and there is also the obligatory holiday ice cream which always goes down well with my children!

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With the days been longer and daylight is stronger, its a great time to take advantage by enjoying a walk outdoors. Walking is not only great for your emotional wellbeing it is of course great for your fitness.

Early morning or dusk evening walking is at its best in the Summer, as it can be cooler and the air is fresh and clean.

I love walking every evening with my Dog and enjoy the solitary peace and quiet it brings me, whilst noticing nature around me, the fields, trees and bushes as they change subtly with each day that passes. When we go on a day trip or a summer break I always like to walk around the place we stay in, not only to gather my bearings, but to see the different landscape and beauty around me. Again this is great for your fitness....

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Invest in a summer outdoor activity

When I say invest, it could be investing your time to take some time out for a day trip. Visit a local gardeners garden, an historic house, a seaside town, a balloon trip or a canal boat day trip. Either one of these activities will pull you outdoors and take your mind away from your day-to-day chores and roles. I love visiting historic houses and gardens for the history and of course for the flowers and botanicas, there is nothing better than visiting a garden when all the flowers and greenery are definitely at there best this time of year!

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Summer foraging

There is something cool about using the wild fresh produce around us that is never more apparent than the Summer months can bring like no other. With the abundance of delicious wild fruits, leaves, nuts and herbs available in the Summer months who wouldn't want to take advantage of it. The British countryside is full of amazing tasty foods which are all free and easy to forage. This year I have foraged some amazing fruits and made elderflower cordial, apple pie and blackberry crumble and each one has a extra feel of satisfaction that comes with it.

Pick up a basket or tub and find a hedgerow, field or path and get picking, the results are pretty good too...think crumble, pie, cordial, drinks the list goes on.

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There's no denying that the Summer months do have the most abundant and fragrant flowers of all the seasons. There is an abundance of Summer flowers pretty much everywhere and this season is the perfect time to admire them and enjoy them. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy the outdoors through the beauty of flowers this summer. You can grow flowers in your own garden or terrace and you do not need much space to do it, there are so many different sizes of flowers which can cater for any outdoor space. I love to smell flowers wherever I am, random gardens, garden walls, hedgerows etc. You can pick wild flowers in a field, or visit a botanical garden. I love flowers and have three varieties of fragrant roses in my garden which flower at different times throughout the season. This year I have tried dried flowers which I have recently used in my candles which can give another layer of fragrance to the overall product which gives it a lovely feel.

Hazel and Blue Candles Blog post, summer outdoor activities, summer things to do, summer fun activities
Living Seasonally This Summer

Discover simple seasonal outdoor activities to do this Summer...

hazel and Blue blog post, living seasonally this summer, summer activities, things to do this summer

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