Peonies - The Nations Favourite Flower

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

I Love Peonies. I have loved them from the moment I saw them as a child in my Grandparents country garden in Rural New Zealand to spotting them growing in our first house in Bath, England and now I am able to admire them vicariously through my work as a 'Scent Explorer'. I was so mesmerised by there rich colours, stunning beauty and heavenly fragrance, that I have been hooked ever since.

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5 reasons why you need Peonies in your life

The Peony has risen to be one of the most photographed flowers on Social media with recent figures suggesting that this online trend continues to rise, thanks to there appearance in the Royal wedding (entrance to St Georges Chapel) and there popular return on Social Media this year. Voted the UK's favourite Summertime bloom, figures released by the Co-op group show that sales of peonies rose by 70% recently to become our favourite Summertime bloom.

Peonies have become so photogenic that there are an amazing 2.7 million posts on Instagram with the hashtag #peony others include #peonyseason and #peonylove all with huge followings. (Expanding the love, you can head over to Pinterest with the vast pins and boards full of Peonies.)

Here our 5 reasons why you need Peonies in your life, if just to admire there immense and stunning beauty.

1. They look Fab

They will suit any space in your home. I mean any space....dining room table, living room, kitchen, hallway they look beautiful and eye catching anywhere. They look fab in photos too, held them to your face, in your hands, by your feet...I could go on!

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Peonies suit any space in your home

2. Lovely Meaning

They have the most loveliest meaning symbolising honor, wealth and affection. Romantic and fragrant, Peony Blooms signify good fortune and a happy marriage. It is also the official flower of the 12 year Wedding Anniversary!

3. Easy to grow

They are very easy to grow and extremely hardy, making them ideal for all types of gardeners They are low maintenance (yes!) they are perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

Ideally plant bare root peonies in October/November when the soil is still warm or grow in containers at any time. Peonies do prefer heavier soils in a sunny or lightly shaded position.

4. Scented and Fragrant

Most Peonies are fragrant, some more than others. Most have the most beautiful perfume which is delightful and intense. Not only are they impressive showy flowers but with a gorgeous scent what more you could ask for!

Good varieties are 'Paeonia lactiflora 'Duchess de Nemours' a white flower with a cream middle and the most beautiful fragrance. Very fragrant the Peony 'Hermione' Paeonia lactiflora is a huge rich apple blossom pink double flower with the most heavenly fragrance.

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The beautiful scent of Peonies

5. On trend still.....

Any flower than continues to grow in popularity both online and sales suggests its a modern classic. Most florists will stock them particularly in late Spring and Summer and they will not cost you a fortune! The flowering of the Peony may be relatively short, but what a show it puts on and one which is worth waiting for and admiring for months ahead.

Want to keep the Peony scent alive all year around? We have created a new Spring/Summer candle fragrance 'Peony' which was inspired by all of the above and the hundreds of Peony pins I have collected over the years. I wanted to create the enchantment of a cosy cottage garden with borders full of abundant double flowered scented Peonies!

Whether you love Peonies or see them a trendy fad, you cannot deny there singular beauty and presence, they are simply stunning and for a months of the year can make you feel amazing!

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